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 Rank: Special Operative

 Clearance: Level 5

 Accomplishments: Developed the 50-caliber sniper rifle, the M-107, put into use by the U.S. Army in April 2005.

 Certified Pilot of the AV-8B II Plus Harrier Jet

 Status: Active

     Personal History: Prior to being recruited, Kendra spent time in the U.S. Marine Corps. She joined the military at 18, and commanding officers quickly recognized her aptitude with a rifle and her athletic prowess. Tops in her recruiting class, Kendra earned an expert marksmanship designation and went to flight school where she became certified on the AV-8B II Plus Harrier Jet before eventually joining the Marines Special Operations Forces.

     She served in Special Forces for a number of years before being noticed by the organization while performing a mission in the Sudan directed by the CIA. She was subsequently recruited into the organization and listed as a civilian casualty in the war between the Balkan states, although she was nowhere near that conflict. Although given a military funeral, Kendra was effectively buried with no relatives bearing witness. Kendra’s two sisters -- her only living relatives -- refused to attend the service.