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     The Quintessential Q is an online personality created by Rae Ann Rockhill, a journalist trained at the least likely of places – Purdue University. However, the school is known for all things science, Ms. Rockhill’s first educational passion -- encouraged first by her father and later by her insatiable curiosity about the world.

      “Q started as a wisp of a thought late one night in early 2001. I was bored in California and chatting with friends from around the world on Straight Outta Section (SOS), an Internet message board devoted to the USA TV program La Femme Nikita.
Two of the regulars had created a piece of fan fiction that not only spoofed the show but also incorporated other regular posters into the story. SOS is sort of an online bar with all of the characters and none of the alcohol.

      I decided to chronicle the recurring story and other events on the board with an online tabloid, The Section Sentinel, and The Quintessential Q became my chief, and only, reporter. Soon after, SpecOps Kendra was introduced to SOS and later to the fan fiction. She is an operative equally as dangerous as Michael, but of a different charm.

      A few years, a bad break-up and a lay-off later and I decided to pair Q with a book idea I’d outlined when I was still a reporter at my second paper, and thus Disconnected! with the Quintessential Q was born – albeit taking on a broader scale than I first intended. Q’s world is still in development while I reveal Kendra’s past and her life within Section. But rest assured, I am nagged weekly about when Q will publish more of her rants. She has merely been put on hiatus and is not marked for Cancelation – a fate worse than death both for operatives and creative souls.

Cheers! Rae Ann