Future Disconnects

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Future Disconnects

Turned On… Learn how our young heroine first became enticed by the world of technology.
As usual, a man was to blame.
Plugged In… Now that she’s had a taste, the young lady wants a toy of her own.
Upgrades… Her first computer is no longer good enough.
Time to go shopping!
Games People Play… Lost in Cyberspace, playing with strangers.
Wired… All hooked up, no place to go.
Faster and Faster… She’s really moving now. But where is she going?
Fraying Edges… After all that running around, our heroine is starting
to show signs of wear and tear.
Short Circuit… Ignoring the warning signs, she has a minor meltdown.
Rewired… What’s this? How will our young heroine reconnect to the world
without getting run over or lost in the shuffle?

Help her find her way back by contacting our heroine at The Quintessential Q.